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OCT optical Coherence Tomography

In modern health care, focus has shifted from treatment of disease to early detection to promote the best possible outcome . With our state of the art Ocular Coherence Tomographer (OCT) we are able to detect abnormalities which cannot be seen using the basic retinal photograph or in a standard eye examination.


Using the OCT we can automatically identify small changes over time using a 3D scanning technique which scans through the layers inside the eye. This is the next generation of diagnostic equipment and has superseded retinal photography as the gold standard of care.


We are the only practice in the area that has invested in such advanced equipment and it is available as part of our superior eye examination to all of our patients.



The Optomap uses non-invasive, low-intensity scanning lasers to create ultra-widefield retinal imaging. 


It allows us to see up to 82% of your retina in one panoramic image and detect ocular problems more quickly and easily compared to traditional methods which typically only show 15% of your retina.

This service is not at any other practice in Warwickshire and is available exclusively for our customers as part of our comprehensive and superior eye exams.



The iProfiler plus helps us deliver futuristic levels of accuracy for our spectacle and contact lens wearers above and beyond the industry’s standard by taking 1500 measurements of each eye. Our patients are screened using this revolutionary device which allows our optometrists to produce prescriptions which give optimum vision in all lighting conditions. For our contact lens patients, the iProfiler plus ensures the highest degree of accuracy possible in contact  lens fitting.  

Its main features include:


  • Precise custom made contact lenses offering unparalleled levels of comfort and vision.

  • Each patient’s prescription can vary according to the level of light available eg sunlight or dusk. This means traditional spectacle lenses have not always provided ultimate vision in conditions such as driving at night or in very bright daylight. The combination of iProfiler technology and Zeiss iScription bespoke lenses lenses can improve this.

i.Profiler Plus

At Keith Murphy Opticians we are committed to delivering the best in clinical care to our patients. The Topcon MYAH is our latest piece of cutting-edge technology which came onto the UK market in 2021 and was installed by us in July.


This new device enables us to enhance our ability to give and monitor myopia management regimes and also to enhance our dry eye clinical assessment and monitoring.


So, what does it actually do?


  • It measures the axial length of the eye - using Optical Low Coherence Interferometry. (None of our current equipment can do this.) Increases in the axial length of an eye have been shown to directly correlate to increasing levels of myopia.

  • Has software incorporating normative growth curves allowing prediction of refractive outcomes for that individual. This is presented in percentile charts – similar to height and weight child development charts.

  • Progression reports for axial length, refraction and total corneal power. This enables us to make assessments in a robust and measurable way and increase treatment efficiency.

  • Corneal topography – this we can already assess with the iProfiler Plus but this further enhances that and allows us to have objective measurements of an enhanced detail of parameters.

  • Objective Non-Invasive Tear Film Analysis - this allows assessment of the tear film without putting anything into the eye that would influence the tear stability or tear production. This recording can be watched in real-time to show what is happening with your tear film

  • Meibography - we are able to image the meibomian glands (this is a key gland in the production of the lipid part of the tear film which is responsible for tear stability) in the eyelids to be able to assess their number and health.

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